SQL Server Services

Support contracts ensure that you’re systems are covered 100% of the time. From DBA support and holiday cover, to a fully outsourced DBA role or managed service.

xDBA Support

Sometimes the best of us can hit a brick wall or burn time investigating an issue which could be resolved quickly and efficiently by those who have been through it before. This is where xDBA Support comes in, we’re available to support and advise your onsite DBA or appointed SQL specialist whenever help is required. This is a great way to build up internal knowledge, benefiting from relevant hands on training whilst keeping support and training costs down. We advise those new to SQL Server to attend one of our training courses which will provide a good foundation of knowledge.

Remove & Emergency DBA Cover

Remote or onsite, we can be at your UK or European office within 24 hours to address performance issues, data loss or provide DBA cover.

Many companies only have one DBA or quite often a part time DBA who is also a member of another team. When these people are on holiday, taken ill or leave the company it can leave systems wide open to downtime. Our DBA team will provide that cover, ensuring the systems remained online and secure.

Performance Tuning

Enhancing user experience, reducing build times, smoothing out workloads and reducing costs are just some of the benefits of performance tuning.

Upgrades & Migrations

Whether you’re migrating from Access, flat files, Oracle or upgrading to SQL Server 2014. We’ll ensure you complete on time with the best solution.

Database & Infrastructure Reviews

In most cases, it doesn’t take much to get your systems back on the right track. In our experience, a period of time focusing on the worst offenders will quickly reduce the demands on resources and improve the overall performance. At the end of a review, we’ll provide a plan of action, detailing the benefits, urgency and risk of each change. If assistance from a third party vendor is required, this document will contain sufficient information for them to complete the job.

Depending on your frequency of updates, a monthly, quarterly or yearly performance check will ensure your systems continue to perform well and any new developments will not impact the performance and stability of the system. Alternatively, sign up for one of our service contracts or managed services.

Managed Services

Our managed service packages offer unparalleled performance and stability for cloud or dedicated hosted solutions. The benefits of hosting with a specialist include:

  • ⦿ Reduced resource requirements and therefore reduced SQL Server license costs.
  • ⦿ The perfect hardware for your requirements. Increased performance with reduced costs.
  • ⦿ The opportunity to participate in Microsoft partner & beta programs.
  • ⦿ Scale using the cloud during peaks or for testing.