Team in the boardroom

xTEN is the leading data platform solutions provider serving the travel industry.

We accelerate customer growth through our in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft Azure ecosystem and our dedication to high-performance and cost efficient yet simple solutions.

Work with us

We’re a small, dynamic company that specialises in high performance data. We work hard but we love what we do – we’re always looking for better ways of working and new skills to pick up. If you like variation, relish a challenge and are keen to learn, you’ll fit in well.


When you work with us, you’ll get:

More than 40 years’ experience in SQL Server
Database expertise
Database development
A strategic approach


The team at xTEN are:

Life-long learners
Improvement seekers
Attentive speakers
Planet lovers

Our Values

Here at xTEN, we strive for:




Work with us

We’re committed to staying small. This doesn’t mean that we’re not growing, far from it. It means that we focus on automation and being efficient, so that we can fill our days with the work we love. If you like variation, love a challenge and are keen to learn, you’ll fit right in.

Database Reliability Engineer

Optimisation, Modernisation, DevOps, Hosting

Developer (.NET & SQL)

DevOps, Azure, Automation, SQL Server