The xTEN Customer Experience

Are you concerned that a Managed Service Provider won’t understand your systems as well as your in-house team? Are you worried that by outsourcing, you’ll have to send twice the amount of emails or messages?

Managed Services With a Difference

Here at xTEN, we believe in creating a seamless customer experience to minimise the number of interruptions whilst maximising your systems.

Our goal is to work as though we are part of your team, not just another contractor. To make this possible, we use a few techniques to deliver rock-solid managed services for SQL Server and Azure.

Improve Cross-Team Collaboration With xTEN’s Client API

Using serverless resources within Microsoft Azure, our API follows a microservices architecture to improve cross-team interaction. Our custom API is being developed all the time, but one use-case is to improve the visibility of changes across teams.

With the API, you can notify us of planned maintenance, patching, or other changes being made, with the option to suppress alerts that we would typically respond to as part of our Support services. By using the API in this way, you won’t have to rely on remembering your unique contact at xTEN or respond to queries about alerts you know can be ignored, saving you time and manual work. If any unexpected issues do occur as part of a change, we will be able to get to the root of the issue much faster. Rather than spending valuable time during an incident searching for recent changes, we will have all the information we need to help you at hand.

As the solution is built as a series of microservices, we can continually expand the functionality to improve our process further. We are also integrating it with other monitoring solutions, so you can benefit from custom insights into your estate.

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Work Seamlessly With Our Integrated Service Desk

We appreciate that raising tickets on different platforms introduces another process which can reduce efficiency depending on how your team works. That’s why we offer a Service Desk integration service, where tickets assigned to an xTEN user on your system will create tickets on our system, with any updates synchronised to both. This enables the teams to operate as one without the need to introduce new processes or training. We can currently integrate our Service Desk with ZenDesk, Service Now, and Service Desk but our list is constantly evolving as we add more services.

Get Help Fast With the xTEN Client Portal

If you don’t have the systems in place or would prefer to use an external system, we offer an xTEN Client Portal. Here, you can request support as part of your managed services, raise bugs, development requests and more.

Want a Managed Service provider that is part of your team, not just another supplier?

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