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Cloud Engineer

95% Remote and 5% Leeds, UK · Full Time

Azure SQL Server PowerShell Hybrid + Multicloud

Our cloud engineers are responsible for designing, building and optimising high-performance, cloud-first estates.

Who are xTEN?

We're an Azure Cloud Solution Partner (CSP), Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud and Data Platform, specialising in high-performance systems and databases. We have a proven track record of building and supporting complex systems with a strong focus on improvements. We don't chase partner incentives, only efficiencies and performance gains for our customers.

We invest heavily in training, automation, and TED.

Traditional service providers have a team of juniors, dealing with the same tasks each day. This “rite of passage” approach is outdated, doesn’t produce good results and only incentivises keen people to move on. Our team of juniors is a virtual dog called TED (long story). We automate the mundane, training TED to deduplicate, categorise and provide useful recommendations on every ticket.

“We’re committed to staying lean. This doesn’t mean that we’re not growing, far from it. It means that we focus on automation and being efficient, so we can fill our days with the work we love. If you like variation, love a challenge and are keen to learn, you’ll fit right in.”

I’m interested, what’s the role?

Our cloud engineers work as a team to design and build scalable, secure and cost-effective cloud-first estates; then support them. Well built systems are easy to manage but should something unexpected happen, you'll be encouraged and given the time to find a permanent and reusable resolution.

When you’re not building or improving systems, you’ll be playing with TED and keeping your skills sharp. Bringing fresh ideas to the team and using that knowledge to continuously push our services and customer's systems.

Sounds great, what's the package?

We don’t believe that you're a junior unless you have years under your belt, or doing the same job for decades makes you a master. Think about where you are, based on your experience and skills, then let us know when you apply.

£25,000 - £65,000

Training budget (conferences, certifications, Pluralsight etc.).

33 days holiday.

Private health insurance.

Flexible and remote working.

Treated like a human.

You’ll become an expert in the tools you use. We believe that using fewer technologies properly is better than using many technologies inefficiently. We’re not fans of the “use everything, deliver nothing” approach.

You won’t be expected to run a team because there won’t be loads of people. We’re lean, and we aim to stay that way. Therefore, juniors and seniors alike get involved in whatever’s needed and speak directly with our wonderful customers.

We have a unique environment for learning with a team of keen learners and natural mentors. Training is made up of 70% work experience, 20% self-learning and 10% training, which comes from internal knowledge sharing and your training budget.

Before you apply, make sure we're your cup of tea

Have you been accused of being a perfectionist? That’s probably because those people have low standards; we don’t.

Do you need to know how things work? Like Sylar from Heroes, but with software, computers or toasters. Not brains.

Do you thrive with autonomy and having the freedom to get stuff done properly? Make sure that this is you. Our software and processes keep us honest, but we don’t have anyone dishing out work and chasing. The only one giving you some stick will be TED.

Need help?

Not sure exactly what we’re looking for or just want clarification? We’d be happy to chat with you and clear things up for you. Anytime!

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