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SQL Server Consultant (DBRE, DBA, Azure)

95% Remote and 5% Leeds, UK · Full Time

Our DBRE team are not only responsible for building, maintaining and optimising databases and underlying infrastructure. They also automate everything to improve stability, reduce downtime and increase scalability.

xTEN is...

…the leading data platform solutions provider serving the travel industry, but we also work in other sectors such as e-commerce and finance. You’ll be working with different technologies, in different environments and for very different customers. The bulk of your role will be building, migrating and enhancing complex systems to make them more reliable, efficient, self-healing and easy to maintain.

Part of what makes us the best at what we do, are the tools we create. Some of these are publicly available via Aireforge, and everyone in the team can contribute somehow. So, the job is as varied as they come.

“We’re committed to staying lean. This doesn’t mean that we’re not growing, far from it. It means that we focus on automation and being efficient, so that we can fill our days with the work we love. If you like variation, love a challenge and are keen to learn, you’ll fit right in.”

We’re looking for someone to join the team to;

Bring a great attitude and work ethic. We genuinely want to stay lean, so you will make an impact that you couldn’t in a large organisation. Here are some of the traits and skills we’re looking for:

When it comes to SQL Server, you know your stuff and happy to demonstrate it.

You love what you do. You’re curious about how things work and are eager to learn.

You’re a strong communicator. Explaining complex technical concepts to peers and customers is no problem for you.

You’re a great listener. You can capture the detail and expectations the first time around and are happiest in a team that behaves the same.

You enjoy sharing your knowledge and experience with your team members and the wider community (we’re pretty active in the community).

You’re certified, or aim to be soon. We require a minimum of DP-300 or AZ-104 within 4 months, and we'll support you in passing your expert-level exams.

What we're offering;

We're more interested in what you've seen and done rather than how many times you've turned up to work, so think about where you are based on your experience and skills, then let us know when you apply.

£45,000 - £75,000

Training budget (conferences, certifications, Pluralsight etc.).

33 days holiday.

Private health insurance.

Flexible working.

Treated like a human.

Other benefits:

You’ll become an expert in the tools you use. We believe that using fewer technologies properly is better than using many technologies inefficiently. We’re not fans of the “use everything, deliver nothing” approach.

You won’t be expected to run a team because there won’t be loads of people. We’re lean, and we aim to stay that way. Therefore, juniors and seniors alike get involved in whatever’s needed and speak directly with our wonderful customers.

We have a unique environment for learning with a team of keen learners and natural mentors. Training is made up of 70% work experience, 20% self-learning and 10% training from internal knowledge sharing and your training budget.

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