Ten Group Reduced Costs and Overheads by Going Standard with SQL Server 2019

Ten Lifestyle Group are at the cutting edge of the lifestyle concierge market. A collaborative approach with xTEN helps them stay there.

Gillian Sharma
Gillian Sharma
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Ten Lifestyle Group are at the cutting edge of the lifestyle concierge market. They are the world’s leading lifestyle concierge business, which focuses on dining, travel, events & entertainment and offers. They have offices in 22 countries across the world, serving a worldwide audience of millions of members 24/7, 365 days a year.

xTEN provide Managed SQL Server services for their data-driven solutions. We are constantly suggesting techniques to maximise their operational and technical efficiency.

Project Overview

  • xTEN identified an opportunity that aligned with the company’s economisation strategy that didn’t sacrifice performance.
  • A collaborative approach forged our two-prong plan: to shrink expenditure, while upgrading to the latest version of SQL Server.
  • Upgrading to SQL Server 2019 meant Ten had access to features that previously had only been available in enterprise licences. This meant they could eliminate enterprise licence fees without impacting performance.
  • Ten’s environment is now more secure, stable and cost effective.

“We continue to find ongoing value in our managed SQL Server service with xTEN. They don’t just understand the tech, they grasp our company’s commercials as a whole and the identification and implementation of any potential upgrades or strategies for cost savings and efficiencies comes as standard when working with their experienced team.”

Francesco De Marchis, Global CTO and CCO at Ten Lifestyle Group
Francesco De Marchis, Global CTO and COO at Ten Lifestyle Group

Aligning With Customer Goals

Ten are forward thinking, innovative and tech centric, so when SQL Server 2019 came out, we knew it would be perfect for them. Our relationship with Ten goes above and beyond their estate, we are aligned with their goals as a company and as a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can stay on top of updates, so they don’t have to.

Through our ongoing work with Ten we understand their aims and the SQL Server features the company uses. We identified that by upgrading to SQL Server 2019, they could continue to use these features without further outlay. If we migrated to the latest version of SQL Server, our client’s environment would not only be more secure and performant, Ten would save money on hefty enterprise license fees. Together, we set a clear objective for a smooth and swift migration.

Identifying SQL Server 2019 as a Good Fit

Our constant strive for the improvement of client environments and their efficiencies was the driving force behind the decision to migrate.

We recognised that by moving to SQL Server 2019 our client would be saving on licenses, gain increased security and stability while decreasing down time with the added benefit of performance improvements by taking advantage of the features available in the latest version.

As an existing managed SQL Server client, our familiarity with Ten’s estate gave us a clear game plan. We worked collaboratively, as an extension of the in-house team to coordinate all aspects of the migration.

“Having the xTEN team on hand is an invaluable benefit to our operation. They’re always there, in the background, constantly improving the efficiency of our estate allowing our in-house team to develop the innovations we need to stay ahead of the curve in our industry.”

Jaya Jha, Director, Software Development at Ten
Jaya Jha, Director, Software Development at Ten Lifestyle Group

New Features, New Benefits

Ten successfully moved to SQL Server 2019 and instantly benefited from the new features available to them. Previous Enterprise-only features were now part of their Standard edition, so savings were made on license fees while performance, security and stability were improved.

There was no need to increase internal resources and the downtime required for maintenance or patching was completely diminished.

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Gillian Sharma
Gillian Sharma
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