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We’ve put together a few things to help you get to know us a little better.

Tracie Binks
Tracie Binks

If you're considering coming to work with us (smart move) and haven't met us before, we’ve put together a few things to help you get to know us a little better. Here are some things you might not know about the team at xTEN...

We're a Bunch of Self-Starters

From some humble beginnings (lifeguard, Sunday paperboy) we're proud of where we come from and excited about where we're going. We don’t believe that doing the same job for years automatically means seniority. A lot of our technical knowledge is self-taught or learnt on the job and we're keen to keep that self-starter spirit alive.

We're Tech Enthusiasts

We genuinely love what we do and stay on top of the latest updates in tech however we can. Everyone has a training allowance and so far we've passed exams in Azure Fundamentals, Azure Development, Azure Administration and Database Administration. As well as formal certifications, the team attend everything from C# meetups and the AWS Summit, to Microsoft PASS and SQL Bits. We even host our own Meetup, the Leeds Data Platform meetup, to help us with our own learning, share our ideas and get inspired!

We Love to Celebrate

Who doesn't?! We get together every Friday afternoon to celebrate our wins, and we've had some right corkers! From one team member carrying out their first major cloud migration with zero downtime to another creating a solution to handle 1 billion requests per day, there are plenty of things for our team to be proud of. We work remotely, but we get together regularly to catch up (maybe over a few beers).

We Have Big Ideas

Our mission isn't to be just another Managed Services Provider, we want to make a difference to our industry. We don't just want to solve our client's problems, we want to spot them and fix them before they even know they exist. Not only that, we want our team to be excited by the work they do. We work hard to automate everyday tasks to free up time for more innovative, analytical work that will help our clients future-proof their businesses. If you reckon variety is the spice of life, you'll fit in well here.

We're a Small Team, but Everyone Makes a Big Impact

Our leaders lead from the front which means they play an active role in projects and tasks so you can learn from their experience. We work as a team to learn from each other's mistakes and grow together. Plus, there's no hierarchy so if you join us, you'll have direct input into how we evolve and get to know everyone on a personal level.

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Tracie Binks
Tracie Binks