xTEN Coronavirus Precautions

Following the initial outbreak of Coronavirus, the xTEN team agreed to self-isolate should we show any symptoms and work from home should travelling to the office be restricted. Since then, the UK government has issued details of what we should expect as the virus spreads with the phased response of Contain, Delay, Research, and Mitigate.

Twelve people have tested positive in Yorkshire, and over half of these cases have been in Leeds. As it's increasingly likely that the country will move to the Delay phase, we feel that we're in a position to do our part to delay the outbreak and reduce the strain on the NHS, so those that are vulnerable get the care they need.

Therefore, any team members concerned about contracting the virus will be working from home this week, and everyone will be working from home until further notice starting Monday 16th March.

The team routinely work from home and have done so effectively since 2017. Working from home does not impact our ability to provide the level of service our customers expect, and this decision will not affect any services or projects.

Phil Grayson
Phil Grayson