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Our new monitoring solution upgrades our insight into your estate's health.

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Upgraded Insights. Improved Reactivity.

We're continually looking to improve our services, so we've been developing a monitoring solution using Microsoft Azure that will grant us even greater insight into your estate's health. This in turn will allow us be more reactive to any changes in server behaviour, meaning anomalies are addressed and issues are mitigated as early as possible.

How Much Will it Cost?

The costs associated are based to two factors; data ingestion and time-series alerting.

Data Ingestion

The log analytics workspace uses a Pay-as-you-go pricing which is billed per GB ingested per month. Each billing account gets 5 GB free per month, and costs ~£2.29 per GB thereafter (based on data ingested by log analytics resource within West Europe region).

The data ingested by our solution equates to ~150MB per month per server, so dependent on the size of your estate there won't be more than a few GB so the cost will be minimal. To ensure there's no surprises, we configure the workspace to a daily cap of 500MB, and while we don't expect this to be reached it ensures data ingestion doesn't exceed ~£22.90 per month.

Time-series Alerting

The alerts we configure on this data enable us to be informed and respond to changes in server behaviour. One server's alerts equates to ~£1.75 per month (based on alerts created for log analytics resource within West Europe region).

Based on the costs of these factors, we believe the benefits of this service far outweigh the costs involved.

Will There Be Any Impact to Service?

There's no impact to service from this solution. We deploy a Microsoft Log Analytics Agent to each server that sends telemetry to the log workspace and this does not require any downtime.

What Do We Have to Do?

In order to configure and deploy this solution, you'll initially need an Azure subscription for the log analytics workspace to reside.

We Have an Azure Subscription

In order for us to setup the solution, we'll need delegated permissions to your Azure subscription, which can be granted through our Azure Lighthouse offer. This grants the xTEN team the minimum delegated permissions required for us to configure and deploy the monitoring solution.

Using the link provided above, select the Managed SQL plan and select Create. You can then choose which subscription and region to associate this with, we recommend setting the region to that which is most commonly used for this subscription's resources.

Once created, navigate to the service providers page, select the delegations blade and add the xTEN service provider to the subscription you'd like us to deploy the log analytics workspace to.

We Don't Have an Azure Subscription

As a Cloud Services Provider (CSP), we can create a subscription for you for the workspace to reside. Buying through a CSP partner as opposed to going directly to Microsoft means you can expect a broader range of purchasing options, customized solutions, and a direct line of support when you need it. You'll also have the opportunity to access Microsoft funding for certain projects such as PoC work or Data Center Migrations.

For more information on the benefits of using xTEN as your CSP, take a read of our article. If you'd prefer to go directly to Microsoft that's no problem at all, once you have a subscription setup follow the We Have an Azure Subscription section above.

Anomaly Detection. Issue Mitigation.
Rock-solid Service.

This new solution builds on our existing monitoring, extending the data we ingest on your estate to improve resiliency and heighten clarity. From deploying this solution across all managed components, we aim to abide by our mission to provide rock-solid service to our customers.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at and we'll be happy to help.