SQL Server Optimisation

Get maximum performance and value for your SQL Server estate.

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Faster Response Times

Get faster responses for your key queries, resulting in happier customers, happier IT Teams and a happier board.

Cost-Effective Systems

Do more with less. We’ll tune your databases so you can sweat your assets, reducing costs and the need to spend more on additional resources.

Room to Grow

Get the foundations you need to power your business with secure, stable systems, ensuring any new projects have the best possible start.

Our Approach

Put your trickiest, slowest estate in our hands and we'll transform it. xTEN is a Microsoft Gold Partner, with over 20 years' experience in SQL Server. More importantly, we are database enthusiasts and efficiency obsessives, committed to helping you get as much as possible from your systems.

Your databases are complex and we appreciate that. We have seen and worked on our fair share of high-transaction, high-availability systems over the years, and understand the web of various database designs, integrations, configurations and usages within complex IT environments. Together, we’ll navigate through complexity to get to the core of your issues and crush them.

Need for Speed

Whether you want to save the cost of new systems by getting more from what you already have or establish solid foundations to maximise the chances of a successful new project, our SQL Server experts can help. 

Database tuning and optimisation is at the heart of what we do at xTEN, and it's something our customers come back for again and again. We can help you to drastically reduce your response times, allowing you to service more requests with the same hardware. 


Average reduction in response times.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

It’s okay to not know exactly what the problem is or how to fix it. That’s why we are here. Wherever you are on your journey for faster, more cost-effective systems, our Microsoft Certified Engineers can help you, from identifying the problem to fixing it, to moving to a more sustainable system for the future. 

Want us to resolve a particular SQL performance issue or help identify a performance bottleneck that is stopping your business grow? We’ve got you.  

Need an entire Database Review to identify quick fixes and ways to get more from your existing estate? We can do that too. In our Database Review, we typically perform over 90 checks including a review of configuration settings, security, performance inhibitors, backups/disaster recovery, management and monitoring. 

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Proactive, not Reactive

Gain a proactive partner, not just another person to create tasks for and assign work to. We take an active approach to Database and SQL Server optimisation. If we believe that something could be improved, we will tell you at the time and we'll do something about it. We're passionate about the work we do and aim to fix things for good, the first time around. We're also straight-talking. If we can see something that's holding you back, regardless of internal politics, how much we can invoice you, or what Microsoft's latest product is, we will speak up and fix it. 

SQL Server Optimisation Overview

Every client’s needs are slightly different and as Microsoft Gold Partners and Microsoft SQL Server experts, we improve our services all the time. Here are just some of the areas we can support you with:

Database and SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting

Database Tuning and Optimisation

Best Practices Consultation

Security Optimisation

DR and Backup Optimisation

Query Optimisation

Execution Plan Review

Indexes Review

Performance Baseline Creation

Database Consultancy

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“We first contacted xTEN with the goal of improving our customer's experience and reducing our estate costs. The efficiencies made brought our operations right back into a controllable state and garnered tangible business results fast. Thanks to these improvements, we now have the peace of mind to push the boundaries of what we can do with the company and the services we can offer our clients.”


Want a SQL Server estate in peak condition?

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Managed SQL Server

We can safeguard your systems. Our Managed Service provides you with unparalleled performance and stability for your SQL Server.

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Azure Readiness Review

Many companies are modernising their systems by becoming cloud-based, as it can offer reduced costs, increased functionality and help companies become more efficient. However, preparation is key to successful adoption.

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SQL Server Consultancy

Our consultancy service encompasses all areas of database management; investigating ways to optimise and modernise your operations and ensuring your systems are running as efficiently as possible

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