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Database Reviews

Are you falling victim to performance problems without any insight or explanation?

Is your current SQL Server backup and disaster recovery strategy operational and robust enough to meet the requirements of your business?

Are you confident your estate is configured according to best practice and taking advantage of all that SQL Server has to offer?

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Our in-depth process will examine every-inch of your estate to highlight any critical gaps that could lead to a security breach.

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Our analysis will uncover issues within your database that could be impacting its stability.

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Our review will discover key areas that could be improved to increase the capacity of your database.

Custom Tools

The secret to our success is our in-house developed tools. They have been created by experts in the field and they give our clients unprecedented visibility over their estate which they cannot get anywhere else! These tools go way beyond traditional scripts and perform extensive analytics that are both faster and more detailed, finding issues you didn’t even know existed. Our custom tools are tried and tested and can find any issues that may be inhibiting performance, efficiency or security.

Our mission is to find the root cause of a problem before it becomes detrimental to your operations!


checks performed against your servers


We don’t just leave you with a list of issues; we provide an extensive plan that will breakdown the risks in a traffic light system, explaining the issues they are causing and ranking the most urgent ones. Our report goes into every risk on a granular level, looking into its implications, what settings or code needs to be changed and why. Below are the core areas that will be included in a final report:

Configuration Settings


Performance Inhibitors

Backups / Disaster Recovery

Management & Monitoring

The report will then highlight the required action that needs to be undertaken to solve the outstanding problems and the benefits you can expect to see once these changes have been implemented.

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The Journey

Your first step to stronger, faster and smarter systems.

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Understand your concerns

Give it to us straight. Tell us your concerns and any plans for the future so we can tailor our approach.

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Find solutions to your problems

We perform an in-depth inspection of your database instance(s) and supporting infrastructure using our custom-built applications and non-invasive scripts.

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Give you a clear path forward

Be confident. Remediation steps are clearly defined and prioritized. Our experts are here to answer any questions.


Get the most out of your SQL Server estate.

Our custom built tool aids our expert DBAs to get the answers you are looking for.


Best Practices

OS and Server Configuration

Root Cause Analysis

Query Performance


Security Analysis

Monitoring Solution

Resource Utilization


Data Integrity

Disaster Recovery plan

High Availability

Business Continuity

Backup Strategy


Clear Explanations

Implementation Strategy

Prioritized Results

Defined Risk Profile

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Managed Service

We can safeguard your systems. Our Managed Service provides you with unparalleled performance and stability for your SQL Server.

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Cloud Readiness Assessment

Many companies are modernising their systems by becoming cloud-based, as it can offer reduced costs, increased functionality and help companies become more efficient. However, preparation is key to successful adoption.

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Database Consultancy

Our consultancy service encompasses all areas of database management; investigating ways to optimise and modernise your operations and ensuring your systems are running as efficiently as possible

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