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  1. Company News

    Introducing the xTEN Portal

    Giving you the tools you need to view and interact with your xTEN Managed Service.

    Phil Grayson


  2. Company News

    xTEN on the Azure Marketplace

    xTEN's Managed Azure offering is now available on the Azure Marketplace - create the offer now and we'll be improving your infrastructure tomorrow

    Phil Grayson


  3. Company News

    xTEN Coronavirus Precautions

    Working from home does not impact our ability to provide the level of service our customers expect, and this decision will not affect any services or projects.

    Phil Grayson


  4. Company News

    xTEN Are New Relic Partners

    xTEN partners with New Relic, meaning that customers benefit from their powerful cloud-based platform giving better visibility of complex software environments.

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