Microsoft Azure

Maximise the performance, security, and efficiency of your Azure estate.

Our Approach

We want to help you get more from your Azure-hosted estate. We’ll ensure it’s working to its full potential, that it’s cost-effective and supporting your business needs.

Whilst organisations may find the initial setup and migration of services into Azure relatively straightforward, complexities and inefficiencies can quickly mount up. Although Microsoft provides plenty of best practice guidance, finding the time or know-how can be a challenge, leaving you with poorly managed infrastructure and mounting bills. Avoid the time and training required internally to optimise your Azure services and let us do it for you.


Efficiency Experts

Whether you want to cut back on cloud spend or lay the groundwork for solutions that scale as demand grows, our Azure experts can help.

Database tuning and cloud optimisation are at the heart of what we do at xTEN. Once we understand the areas that you need to improve, we’ll optimise and automate them to get your cloud estate working as efficiently as possible. We’ll ensure resources are managed wisely, so you can be sure that you’re only paying for what you need.




  • Resource Usage
  • Security Risks and Cloud Governance
  • Cost Optimisation
  • Configuration and Provisioning
  • Performance and Efficiency Optimisation



Once we have identified areas to improve, we can begin optimising and tuning, typically including:

  • Infrastructure Optimisation
  • Reducing Over-Provisioned or Under-Utilised Resources
  • Reducing Security Risks
  • Implementing Monitoring Solutions
  • Implementing Security and Cost Governance

Maximise Performance

You need a cloud estate that is agile, scalable and future-proofed, supporting your business now and as you grow.

Enhance Security

Don’t be the last to know about any security risks in your cloud estate. Protect your systems and your customers.

Sweat Your Assets

Poorly provisioned resources and inefficiencies are costing you money and restricting your flexibility. We’ll help you stamp them out.

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