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Get maximum results for your Azure project, fast.

Our Approach

It takes time and investment to build a team of cloud specialists, and when delivery and cost pressures are on, it’s not always possible to get what you need in-house. Get flexible support that suits you from a Microsoft Gold Partner specialising in Cloud Platform.

Whether you need help getting started, technical advice or are just looking to spend less and do more, we can deliver the impact you’re looking for.


The Right Solution for You 

We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. We can help you find what works for you, whether that is public, private, or hybrid cloud. We take the time to understand your goals to give you the results you need.

If you’re already familiar with Microsoft’s Azure advisory tools, you’ll know that it can be difficult to keep on top of all the recommendations. Not only that, but you might find that best practices aren’t always the right ones for your business – something we’ve learnt from over 20 years tuning databases. We’ll help find the ones that work for you.


More for Less

Efficiency is at the heart of what we do at xTEN, and we’re passionate about helping you get more from what you have.

We can review your workload architecture to optimise your spend or help with pricing guidance before you embark on a new project.


Straight Talking

If you’re looking for straight-talking, no-nonsense advice on how to maximise your Azure services, we can help.

Whilst we are a Microsoft CSP, so can offer expertise in this area and get Microsoft support if needed, this is not our core business model. We take an agnostic approach to technology, so what we recommend will be based on our experience, not sales targets.


Azure Consultancy


  • Database Migration
  • Migration Strategy
  • Database Architecture and Design
  • Cloud Readiness Review
  • DR and Backup Optimisation

Azure Consultancy


  • Proof of Concept/ Project Review
  • Execution Plan Review
  • Indexes Review
  • Performance Baseline Creation
  • Database Consultancy

Faster Results

Do you need to make maximum impact, fast? Our experience helps you avoid common pitfalls and deliver solutions.

Get More for Less

When spend is tied to your usage, any inefficiency costs money. As optimisation and performance obsessives, we make sure you only pay for what you need.

The Right Solutions

Our Azure experts can advise on options to suit your budget, team, and goals, so you’ll have a solution that works for your business now and in the future.

Having xTEN involved was extremely helpful, their knowledge of the Azure platform, their understanding of our company set up and the way they worked with our team was instrumental to the success of this project.

Matt Goodchild
CTO Of Webtrends Optimize

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