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xTEN on the Azure Marketplace

xTEN's Managed Azure offering is now available on the Azure Marketplace - create the offer now and we'll be improving your infrastructure tomorrow

Phil Grayson


We’re pleased to announce that xTENs Managed Azure offering is now available from the Azure Marketplace by leveraging Azure Lighthouse, streamlining the onboarding process and allowing The Team the access necessary to begin monitoring, managing and optimising your Azure infrastructure straight away.


What is Azure Lighthouse, and how does it benefit our customers?

Azure Lighthouse allows Managed Service Providers to work within delegated customer resources from their own tenant, transferring ownership of managing permissions to the MSP while allowing the customer to retain control of the overall access. MSPs are also able to leverage resources within their own subscriptions for monitoring (such as Log Analytics) and administrating (such as Bastion) customer resources without the need to deploy new resources in customer subscriptions.

Read more about it here.

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