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Remote Work with xTEN: Bikepacking the Cornwall Coastlines

How working remotely for xTEN enabled me to embark on a Cornish bikepacking adventure.

Phil Grayson


Porth Nanven near Kelynack

I’ve always wanted to explore Cornwall. Before this summer, my two short-lived experiences of the county consisted of taking a ferry from Torpoint to a navy base in Plymouth, and eating a tasteless, dry pasty in Truro. I knew that with its incredible coastlines and rich heritage Cornwall had a lot more to offer, so this summer I decided to use my remote working position to my advantage and go on an adventure.

To circumvent the time restrictions holidays can enforce, my plan was to head down for a month, work from home during the week and enjoy some long weekends bikepacking around the coast. Initially, I was a little tentative about this plan; this seemed like too much fun for working remotely, surely? I talked to the team and my apprehension was put to rest. Not only are these types of trips permitted, but they are actively encouraged by the company.

“At xTEN, it's acknowledged that a fulfilling life outside of work leads to a more positive impact inside”

xTEN view the geographical flexibility that remote working grants differently to other companies. It’s common in some workplaces for your work life balance to become a bit of a battleground, with disapproving looks from management around holiday applications, let alone working from a different location. If an employee is consistently denied their requests to follow their personal ambitions, it creates a conflict that can affect their motivation and even drive them away.

At xTEN, it’s acknowledged that a fulfilling life outside of work leads to a more positive impact inside, so as long as your plans are sensibly arranged around projects and with the team, you’re good to go!

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