Case Study

Optimisation Results in a 5000x Performance Improvement

The tuning we carried out meant that JacTravel's systems could handle 5000x more transactions

The Challenge

Project Overview

  • JacTravel wanted to speed up their transactions to improve customer service and increase their opportunity for bookings. They were familiar with xTEN’s experience with high-transaction SQL Server estates so enlisted our support.
  • We performed an estate-wide review which identified an inefficiency that was limiting the full potential of the estate.
  • Relying on our knowledge and experience with SQL Server replication, together with the JacTravel team, the necessary changes were quickly discovered, planned, tested and implemented.
  • With a few low-risk changes, JacTravel was able to reduce the number of replicated commands by 99.98% and increase the number of transactions possible by 5000x.
  • Transactions and bookings went up: the demand on the company’s resources went down, infrastructure costs followed suit.

The Customer


Established in 1975, JacTravel has over 45 years of destination management expertise. They’re one of the leading Destination Management Companies in Europe and provide travel products and services to the international travel trade.

Striving for Excellent Customer Experience

As a company that is committed to customer satisfaction, JacTravel wanted to improve the speed of transactions so bookings could be made faster, improving the client journey. With this in mind, we knew that we needed to identify areas for improvement and eradicate any inefficiencies. As well as this, we wanted to improve the overall health of their estate, so that the team could rest easy knowing that their systems could handle the growing demand.

Low Risk Changes, High Impact Results

By using our knowledge of SQL Server replication and high transaction systems, we quickly identified an area for improvement. We proposed that by removing an inefficient, repetitive step, we could get this vital data to JacTravel’s customers much faster without sacrificing accuracy. By removing this inefficiency, we could also improve server capacity, leaving more room for growth.

As the change was low risk, it meant that the JacTravel team could quickly implement it, achieving instant benefits.

Faster Systems, More Bookings

The JacTravel team now have faster systems that can handle 5000x more transactions. As a result, customer bookings have increased. Their super-efficient systems have reduced replicated commands by 99.98%, taking pressure off system resources.

JacTravel’s IT Team have managed to make huge cost savings for the company thanks to the reduction in server capacity and the efficient management of resources.

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