Improve Cross-Team Collaboration With Our Changelog API

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xTEN customers can now use our Client Changelog API to improve the visibility of changes across teams. With the API, you can notify us of planned maintenance, with the option to suppress alerts that we would usually respond to. This will help us to improve the way we work together in a non-invasive way that should become a vital step in your change procedure.

By notifying us of changes in this way, you won’t have to rely on remembering your unique contact at xTEN or respond to queries about alerts you know can be ignored, saving you time and manual work. If any unexpected issues do occur as part of a change, we will be able to get to the root of the issue much faster. Rather than spending valuable time during an incident investigating changes, we will have all the information we need to help you at hand.

Our aim is always to work as though we are part of your team, integrating with your workflows and resolving issues before you have a chance to notice them. The Changelog API will help us achieve this and become a useful auditing tool. By using it, you can expect to see even better cross-team communication and faster resolution of issues.

We’ll be telling xTEN clients more about this in your next service review, or raise a ticket on our portal to learn more now.

Not an xTEN customer? If you want an MSP that is part of your team rather than just another supplier, contact us.

Gillian Sharma
Gillian Sharma